How would you invest $500. in your business?



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About a month ago, I sent an email to our customers asking the best way that they know to invest $500. in growing their business. Here's the results. 508 people selling African products wrote back with their answers. 250 people (almost half) said that they would buy more products. For them, having more to sell is the fastest and best way to get more sales and more customers. 131 people (about 1 in 4) said that they would spend the money on some sort of advertising or promotions. Renting a festival booth or running ads were two of the most common things here. 74 people said that they would spend at least most of the money on business cards, packaging, and things like this. 53 people said that they would use the money for a whole bunch of other things that are too numerous to mention here. So why are you interested in this? These are results from a lot of people in a specialized type of business just like yours. Some (probably most) of these people have thought a lot about ways to have a better business. As a group, these people will probably come up with the best ideas for you to grow. So what do you think? Is this helpful to you?