How you've helped women in Zambia...



There is a group of women in Zambia that we have been working with over the last several years. During these years, although it's taken a lot of work to make happen, we've been able to purchase some beautiful handbags made by these women, who live next to lake Tanganyika. Big buyers do not come around their area often for these products, so they are left to sell on the streets, hoping to find tourists that will purchase these items. You have helped them in such a big way buy purchasing hundreds of these popular bags, such as the ones below. Next month, we will be getting in some really special pieces. This same group of women recently started making hand made jewelry and we've been given the opportunity to purchase some of these one of a kind pieces. The purchase of these bracelets (just like the bags) will greatly benefit these women, who have come from very unfortunate circumstances. Below are just a few of these strong and talented women...

Christine is a widow from Kabwe. Although she has no employment to earn a living, she still keeps other women in her home who are suffering even more than her. Christine wants most to see other vulnerable women equipped and restored with dignity. She has recently bought her own sewing machine. 

Elizabeth is a single mom from Kabwe , Zambia. Her past is full of years of hardship and oppression. She is a confident woman who is now passing on the skills she has learned to other women. Through both sewing and beading, she has been consistently earning enough income to open her own bank account. She is a powerful example to many other women still caught in poverty and abuse.

 Priscilla and her husband have been struggling to find any money to pay their monthly rent and have one meal/day. In the last year, Priscilla has discovered her incredible talent in both beadwork and sewing. Through making jewelry she has been able to bring in enough income to keep them in their home and provide for their new son. We look forward to sharing these handmade bracelets with you in the upcoming month. And a big Thank You to all of our customers that support what we do and help those in Africa by your purchases.