Infant Girl Left at Moukondo Orphanage




One of our greatest pleasures at Africa Imports comes from helping to support the Moukondo Orphanage in Congo. Africa Imports pays the cost of meals and some other expenses for about 200 orphan children in Congo, Africa. We just heard from our friend who works at this orphanage the following story about an infant girl who was left at the orphanage:


"This is little Miriam. She was born on Dec. 3rd in a local hospital. She was ill at birth and continued to have health problems until her mom left her in the hospital and ran - they are unable to locate her. So, the hospital personnel kept her up until months ago when the doctors said enough is enough she needs to go. So Ms. Celestine agreed and she has been at Moukondo now for 2 months and has put on 4 pounds since her arrival - she has begun smiling and is responding to people. " Africa Imports sends a big part of our profits to help support children like Miriam in Africa. You can find out more about what we do here. Africa Imports also offers the biggest selection of African imported products anywhere west of the Atlantic ocean. You can visit our main website here.