It's a Good Day at Good Friend Orphanage



Did you know that your purchases with Africa Imports help more than just your business? With each purchase you make, a percentage of your money goes towards supporting orphanages throughout Africa. The picture below shows children from Good Friend orphanage in Congo with 90 bags of chicken and rice. Not only this, your purchases help to promote the work of African artisans, craftspeople, villagers and more who we purchase products from.

How Much Does Africa Imports Give? Africa Imports is not a huge business, but we're determined to keep the children of Africa a priority. Right now, we guarantee that at least 2% of all of our sales will go to these orphanages and other charitable causes in Africa. As of October 2014, Africa Imports has donated a total of $502,816 to charitable causes in Africa. We have been blessed as a business; and we are hoping to continue and expand this in the future. We are currently giving at a rate of slightly more than $110,000 per year during 2014. 

What Orphanages Do You Support? Good Friend Orphanage in Congo, a home for street children in Dakar, Senegal, Lake Tanganyika Good News Orphan Ministry in Zambia, Compassion International, SMK Orphanage and Farm in Uganda, Mpila Orphanage in Congo, and a charitable project in Liberia. In the past, we had donated to other orphanages in different African countries; paid wages to African people who teach their fellow citizens; and helped trafficked women to build new lives. Want to find out more about how your purchases help children in Africa? Just visit this page.