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Keisha Apparel Business Owner

10/26/2020 09:40

Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life and work for all. The three "D's" are the key. These are dedication, discipline and determination.The hardest thing for me in my business during the last few months of this pandemic was making the necessary adjustments. Obviously the restrictions placed on the public slowed business down, therefore various alternative had to be used. My business is operated online and at major events. This year, social distancing and lack of events affected the easier method of obtaining funds through customer sales. The turn over definitely wasn't the same due to the lack of interaction with customers.

I have had many successes as I focused my mind and will power in a positive place. I progressed by pushing harder via social media platforms, advertising, word of mouth and encouraging my customers to spread the word about the products I have available. Those few actions listed are the methods I applied and executed. Those were the main changes I took to work around the entire corona situation. The result was customers weren't limited to just the event locations. Persistance and determination made a vast difference. My services have been used by USA, Caribbean, UK/England customers and other regions.

~ Keisha -Apparel Business Owner