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12/26/2012 10:43

The practice of kujichagulia/Self-determination affirms the right and responsibility of African Americans to think, to speak, and to act from their own cultural framework. By doing this, African Americans make a contribution to the whole of humanity and thus are confirmed in their human worth.

Kujichgulia/Self-Determination Day Checklist

  • Highlight the Kwanzaa Symbol Mkeka/Mat
  • Reflect on the Kujichagulia/Self-Determination commitment for the current and coming year
  • Family Feast
  • Pour Libation (optional) for deceased parents love ones, significant others, heroes and heroines, all of those whose sacrifice make it possible for us to enjoy the freedom and fruits of our labor
  • Candle lighting
  • Kujichagulia/Self-Determination Commitment
  • Take picture/record your commitments or Kwanzaa activities (optional)
  • Using the Swahili greeting to greet each other. Harbari Gani (What’s the News) Response: Kujichagulia
  • Discuss a major event, milestone, artist/musician , movie, in black history
  • Read African/American proverbs, folktales, poems
  • Decorate or discuss plans for decorating with an African décor