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Lives Are Enriched At Moukondo Orphanage

01/23/2011 15:50

Brice Teaching The Older Children At Moukondo Orphanage

At Africa Imports a percentage of every purchase is used to support the children at Moukondo Orphanage in Congo. We pay for the cost of meals and expenses for about 200 orphan children. Here’s what a friend of ours who works with the orphanage said when she sent us this photo: "We separate the older kids from the younger so Brice can really teach and challenge the older ones. It is working so well, so well. Maman Celestine said that after he leaves she asks them the story and she is amazed at the detail and also the applications to their lives. It is so good this way - we are learning!!" So thank you for your support and help in providing for these children at Moukondo. To find out more about Moukondo and the other orphanages you help us to support, just Click Here.