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Making a Difference

09/23/2015 11:02

Meet Wati, who is shown here with his wife and child. Wati is a minister in a church in a very poor area in Zambia. The village is a large African slum in with a lot of very difficult people and situations. 

Wati took over a church awhile ago. People have told Wati and his wife that they should use the money from the church offering as their pay. But Wati says that the some of the people in the church do not know that God really takes care of people. So Wati and his wife give the offering money to the poor people in the neighborhood instead and God provides money for them to live on in kind of unusual or miraculous ways. Your purchases from Africa Imports now helps to pay part of the wages for this family. People like Wati make what we do here really count for some of the poorest people in Africa. 

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