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Malcolm X Day: 5 Fun Facts You Might Not Know

05/18/2023 07:21

On May 19, we celebrate Malcolm X Day. This day remembers the life, legacy and achievements of Malcolm X. It also marks his birthday. Malcolm X was born on May 19th, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Beyond what you already know, here are five fun facts about Malcolm X you may not have heard:

1. Malcolm X knew nine languages

Did you know that Malcolm X's mother was Grenadian and fluent in nine languages? As part of his heritage, Malcolm X was a first-generation American. Malcolm X grew up surrounded by many different languages. This had a big impact on how he saw the world and appreciated different cultures.

2. He fought for prisoner's rights

After his release from prison, Malcolm X visited and supported prisoners and inmates. But, he faced obstacles in doing so. Malcolm X worked with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to fight for their rights. He even sued the penal system. His dedication to prisoners' welfare showcases his commitment to social justice and equality for all.

3. Malcolm X was a feminist

Malcolm X was not only a civil rights activist but also a feminist. He often questioned and objected to traditional restrictions imposed on women in mosques. One of the reasons he left the Nation of Islam was due to testimonies of sexual harassment against its leader, Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X believed in equal rights and fair treatment for women.

4. Malcolm X visited Europe

Did you know that Malcolm X travelled to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe? He visited Africa and the Middle East before his transformative Hajj pilgrimage. These experiences gave him new ideas and a better understanding of the world. They deepened his understanding of racial inequality and influenced his activism upon returning to the United States.

5. Malcolm X spoke at universities

Malcolm X spoke at respected universities to engage with privileged students. He spent this time educating them but also learning from them. He wanted to promote a shared understanding of social justice and human rights.

Malcolm X aimed to create a more inclusive society. He did this by connecting people from diverse backgrounds and raising awareness.

Ways to Celebrate Malcolm X Day

Malcolm X Day provides an opportunity to honor the legacy of this civil rights leader. Here are some fun ways you can pay tribute to Malcolm X:

1. Read a book about the life of Malcolm X: Find books that tell his story and explain what he believed in and did.

2. Watch the award-winning movie Malcolm X: Relax and watch the movie that brings Malcolm X to your TV. Experience his powerful message and witness the impact he had on society.

3. Attend a discussion: Check if your local university of community centre is hosting a discussion about Malcolm X. Talk with people in your community about his contributions and the civil rights movement.

4. Volunteer or support an organization that supports civil rights: Find a local organization that promotes equality and social justice. Volunteer your time to support their initiatives or lend a helping hand.

5. Share your thoughts and support on Malcolm X Day using #MalcolmXDay on social media: Join the online conversation and raise awareness using the hashtag #MalcolmXDay. Share your thoughts, insights, and appreciation for Malcolm X's contributions. Engage with others who are also celebrating this important day.

Remember, celebrating Malcolm X Day means more than history. It's about continuing his work for equal rights and justice in our own lives. Let's inspire change and make a positive impact. Just like Malcolm X did.