Meet Faida



Your purchases with Africa Imports pay for the support of a number of orphanages in Congo and Senegal; a school in Zambia; and for help to a number of very poor children who are not in an orphanage. Some of these kids are shown here.  

 There were 87 children who were given food packages that were purchased through your orders last week. Some of them do not look very excited here, while they are waiting to get their packs of groceries. This food makes a huge difference in the lives of these kids though. All of the children shown are among the poorest of the poor children in Congo.

 We received this letter from our representative in Congo who works at the orphanage, along with this picture. "One new child this week is Faida Boyemo, whose photo is shown here also. His father died recently, and his mother earns a small income by selling bread. Your purchases pay for the groceries given to Faida and his mother. It was very hot when his photo was taken. Don't mistake the perspiration for tears. Faida is a little nervous, but not sad. Thank you for all that you do."