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Meet Francis - African orphan boy who grew up to build school for orphans and street children

09/21/2017 09:10

Francis Chileshe in Zambia is one of the most amazing, yet kind and humble people you could ever meet. He built a school for orphan children by starting a car wash and using almost all of the money he could make to get the school started. There are now about 500 children who Francis either provides schooling or buys inexpensive meals for. There are teachers from the community who work at the school for free, because the school does so much good. He has hired extra people to work in his car wash, and has started another business, to raise more money for the children with. He lives a very simple life himself. His life is beautiful to see; and inspiring to be around. Africa Imports has helped financially with some of his work during the last two years, and we were finally able to visit his school. It is unbelievably more simple than any school in the US. The video below though gives you the feel of what this kind of school; and this kind of commitment; is really like.

 If you want to seem more of what your purchases are doing, you can find out here.