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Meet Golden at Lake Tanganyika School in Zambia

03/21/2016 13:26

Golden Kateya Photo

We just love what the teachers are doing to make a difference in the lives of orphans at Lake Tanganyika. This school provides six classes per day for over 100 orphans in Zambia. The school also provides breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, school uniforms, and teachers help the students to learn life skills like reading, writing, math, and more. Most importantly, the children and are told every day that God loves them and they are shown that love through the attention and devotion of the teachers. We are proud to introduce you to Golden Kateya, the newest teacher at Lake Tanganyika! Golden has just finished his teacher training and is shown here with his wife, Dorothy, a 1st-grade teacher, and Wayne, the founder of Africa Imports. 

 How does Africa Imports support Lake Tanganyika? Starting in July 2011, Africa Imports began supporting this school, and as of October 2015, Africa Imports has given $54,610 to this school. We also give $1,000 a month to support this work on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to learn more about how your purchases help to support people in Africa, just click here!