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Mothers Day - it All Started in Egypt!

05/01/2009 15:13

Egyptian Mother and Baby

Many people think of Mothers Day as a Western holiday, but it actually has its origins in Egypt. People in Egypt worshipped the goddess Isis who embodies the virtues of the archetypal Egyptian wife and mother. The worship of Isis spread from the Delta region throughout the Upper and Lower Kingdoms. Literature of the Pharoahs is full of proverbs and accounts about the respected position of mothers.

Motherhood was held in high esteem by the ancient Egyptians, who believed that mothers are God's gift to Earth where He kept the secrets of life. A judge in an ancient Egyptian court of law might ask if the defendant had satisfied his mother's heart. In Egypt, Mothers Day is celebrated on March 21st. Families usually gather for a special celebration and give gifts to their mother to honor her. In Egypt, an "ideal mother" is selected and honored for that year. Find out more about African holidays and traditions on the Africa Imports web site, or by Clicking Here.