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New Africa Imports customer service people



Three of our best, long term customer service people will be leaving Africa Imports soon. I will tell you who is leaving and where they are going to in a few days. Each of these people has been here for 5 years or more; each is still working here now; and each is leaving on very good terms for different personal reasons. Some of you have gotten to know them pretty well. We will miss having them here; and they will be very hard to replace.

One of the most important things that I need to do with our business is to keep a group of very good people working together here. There are about 20 people working here right now. Everyone is very capable, conscientious, and good at what they do. We have had people working here before who were not so good at their jobs; and who made life harder for our customers. The three people who are leaving are not like this at all. Each is very knowledgable; and will be very hard to replace.

The three new customer service people who have just started are Kendal, Ron, and Xylena. There is a lot of training that a new person needs to do here. For the last several weeks, each of these new people has been spending most of their time learning about our products; the software and other processes that they need to know to do their jobs good. Their goal is to know not only our products; but to know what our customers say they need most to make them successful. There are hundreds of different things that a person needs to know to make sure that customers get what they need from us. By the way, you can always find the names of everyone working here on the about us section of our website. Each of these new customer service people is intelligent, capable, and very likable. I am sure that you will enjoy working with Kendal, Ron, and Xylena.