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One customers success formula

09/25/2007 10:53

Here's what one of our customers does that helps her sell more. This person (Taharka) works in a building with a lot of other people. Sometimes she gives away samples to people she works with; but she always has samples at her desk. Co-workers regularly stop by her desk to try out whatever new cream, lotion, or other product she has with her that day. People have gotten into the habit of trying out and buying new things from her, and she now has an established group of regular customers who come to her for this. What is the number one thing that Taharka says helps her business to keep growing? It is having her products available for her customers all the time. As long as she always has an extra product with her that people can pay for an own right away, she keeps getting more new customers. If she doesn't have something on hand, then people won't buy the new products from her after they try them out. This probably sounds like regular common sense; but it is the biggest reason that other people don't succeed. I ask customers all of the time about what is working best and worst for them. One question I ask is why do you think that some people who you have seen do this have failed. The number one reason that people give to this is that they see people trying to sell these products without having enough extra on hand to fill orders from their customers.