One way to sell more lotions



Round White 500 ML HDPE Bottle with Lotion Pump, Capacity: 500ml, Pump  Sprayer, Rs 16/piece | ID: 13148182691

Sherry in Mississippi started selling Africa Imports products about two months ago. She just placed her eighth order this morning; and you can't imagine a happier customer than Sherri. She's met lots of new customers; she's making a good extra income; and she's having a lot of fun doing it. Here's one secret that she uses. Sherri prints her own labels on her computer printer. When she takes an order from a customer, she asks if they would like the lotion personalized. If they say that they do, she prints their name or other personal information on the label. It's easy for her; and people love it. She even has groups of teenagers who each want their own named lotions. You can create your own special blends of lotions and other personal care products by simply adding a small amount of fragrance oil or other added ingredient to the lotion. The customer now has their own name on their own customized product. By the way, Sherris' order this morning was over $400. so she gets free shipping. She is sure that she will be calling back real soon, because this new idea is working so good for her.