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Prisca and Aldese at Mpila Orphanage



Prisca and Aldese

 At Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase you make is used to help orphan chlidren in Congo and street boys in Senegal. With the money given to these orphanages, children receive food, a warm bed to sleep in, medicine, and education. The two girls pictured above are Prisca and Aldese. Here's what our representative said about them: "Prisca to your left is 13 yrs. old. She has been at Mpila for 3 years. Her father lost his mind - probably due to a sexual disease. The mother then died a few months later. Social Services brought her to Mpila. Aldèse is to your right - she is 15 - she was attacked by her dad and she had 2 abortions at the hand of her father. Neighbors finally came to her rescue." 

Thank you so much for helping support girls like Prisca and Aldese in Congo. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. To find out more about what we do in Congo and Senegal, just Click Here.