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Some of the Best Ways to Sell Skincare Products

06/04/2013 17:21

1. Learn Everything About Your Product - When it comes to natural skincare, there are usually so many benefits related to the ingredients inside the product that to name them all would take a very long time. However, knowing all those benefits will significantly increase your success. If you speak to someone who has eczema, acne, or has a grandson who has dermatitis you'll be able to say 'oh, black soap works really well at healing that!' or whichever product suits that persons concern. Get to know your products, get to know their ingredients and benefits, and give your customers the solutions they need. 

2. Listen to Your Customer - Skin care isn't about just selling a product. It's about selling beauty, youth, health, hope. For some it's the answer to a lifelong struggle they've had with a skin condition. Selling skin care products needs to be a personal experience, you need to listen to what your customer wants and needs, empathize with their concerns, and then give them the answers they're looking for. 

3. Put the Product In Your Customers Hand - It's one thing to hear about a product, it's quite another to be able to experience it firsthand! Giving a free sample is one of the best ways to make a sale and get that customer loyalty that is so important. Keep sample bottles or pieces of soap bars on hand for customers. When you're talking to them let them try the product you're telling them about. When a customer has been able to experience how your product feels they will have a much harder time walking away from it. 

4. Follow-Up for Repeat sales - If you have a customer who bought a product, why not contact them a couple of weeks later to see how they liked it? Ask how they're enjoying their product and see if they have any questions you can answer. If they've had a positive experience, ask if you can use it as a testimonial for your store or product. Later, when you get new products you can let them know if you have something that fits their needs. Customers will appreciate this personal touch and won't easily forget your company. Find more business tips on our web site, just Click Here.