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Student pastors in Africa

04/10/2009 16:52

I once visited a school for Christian pastors in Mali, West Africa. Mali is about 98% Muslim; and being a student Christian pastor there is much more difficult than it is here in the US. I didn't count, but there were probably about 25 student pastors and their families living here. These men and their families lived in very small mud huts, with dirt floors, leaking roofs, and no electricity or indoor plumbing. Even by the standards of a very poor country, these people lived at the bottom of the social and economic ladder. They could have chosen to join the majority of people in their society and lived better than this. They could have chosen not to be pastors, and had more badly needed income for themselves and their families. Something had changed each of their lives enough that this didn't matter as much to them as their Christian faith though. Tomorrow is Easter; and it is a day to remember and experience the true meaning of Christianity more deeply. I'm sure that this is what these student pastors in Mali would want for all of us the most.