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    (0) T-Shirt Design Contest

    We have many designs of T-shirts we would like to offer. Vote for the T-shirt, you would want us to offer at Africa Imports this summer. Just click on the star of the design you want to vote for. Only one vote for user.

    (0) The winner of the Dashiki Day Contest
    Winners of the Dashiki Day photo contest George and Heather have received a $50.00 gift certificate from Africa Imports for getting the most votes for their Dashiki photo. Everyone else who is shown below is also getting a $10.00 gift certificate, so there are 31 winners! Happy National Dashiki Day 2016
    (0) Vote for the Dashiki Contest

    Join the celebration

    The contest is over. Thank you for your participation. A winner will be announced soon. Vote for your favorite dashiki photo. Click on the star to vote for that design. Only one vote per user. Contest ended November 1. Winner will be announced the next week. The winner will rec...

    (0) NEW! Personal Care Retail Catalog

    64 pages of new and best selling soaps, healthcare, skin care, body oils, African herbal remedies and more. Use this essential business tool to get more customers and sales! Give some to your customers with your business card attached for faster sales.

    Hand them out at festivals or fairs or give so...

    (0) Chokwe Mask: Beaded Hair

    Originality is always different! Own an original Chokwe mask made with rigid woven raffian beaded hair. A-WC023mThis unique mask, hand-made in Congo, has life-like slit eyes, sharp nose and broad lips. The scarification are found on the foreheads and cheeks are marks of beautification. The Chokwe mask measu...

    (0) What does "dashiki" mean?

    Dashiki is derived from the Yoruba word “yar ciki”, which means “shirt”. Though dashikis are African inspired, the symbolism attached to them is actually rooted in the United States. C-U918m In the 1960s, a time where African American cultural and political struggles were at an all time high, dashikis beca...

    (0) How Your Purchases Help Africa
    Africa Imports is not a big company, but we give a big percentage of our profits to help children in Africa. As of October 2015, Africa Imports has donated a total of $631,910 to charitable causes in Africa. We have been blessed as a business; and we are hoping to continue and expand this in the fut...
    (0) NEW! Africa Animals Wooden Plaque
    Adorn your space with authentic, captivating African artwork. This Africa Animals Wooden Plaque is hand-crafted in Kenya and is completely unique. A perfect, eye-catching piece of African art to add to your home or office. Plaque measures 12" long x 10" wide. A-WC053 Click here to get yours today! Clic...
    (0) 12x18” African American Stick Flag
    The Pan-African flag, also known as the UNIA flag, African-American flag and Black Liberation Flag,is a tri-color flag consisting of three horizontal bands of red, black and green. This flag of the African nation combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. Founded by Marcus Gar...
    (0) 4 Ways African Black Soap Can Help You




    Get your African black soap today!

    Click here to find out HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS selling African products!

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