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    (0) Meet Moira

    Miora lives in Madagascar, where she teaches young children.
    (0) Making a Difference

    After school some of the kids shown here go home to teach
    their own mothers to read. These children all come from
    very poor homes, and could not easily afford to go to school
    normally. Your purchases pay most of the costs of Good News
    school on Lake Tanganyika where they (and 150 other children)

    (0) Making a Difference

    There are 5 homeless young men in Nairobi who worked together to make these key chains. Each key chain had all of the beads being strung by hand. 

    (0) Making A Difference
    Your orders help give African children the chance to grow up happy and healthy. Thank you....
    (0) Making A Difference
    We spread out the benches so that they can color on them - Pray for me to remember their names - those that are sick we are making a point of having individual prayer for them.  Their parent figure just cannot be trusted to follow through with medicines or follow-up.  What a lesson for me, sometimes...
    (0) Making A Difference
    Brice making 2 of the Good Friend kids repeat the verse of Prov. 3:5-6 in Lingala.  That is definitely their heart language so we are doing the verses in both French and Lingala now. We had over 80 kids come and they kept asking to be given a badge so they could get groceries.  We kept telling them ...
    (0) Making A Difference
    Brice is on the second message of six on the story of Moses. Today it was on God’s call on Moses’ life. IMG_1549Their memory verse was 1 Thes. 5:24  “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.” At the end of Good Friend Brice asked them all to ask the Lord what HE desires for them to do and at th...
    (0) Making A Difference
    Leslie is 10 years old and Prisca is 7 years old. They are sisters.  They have been at Mpila/Maison de Naz. for less than a week.   Both their parents are alive but neither are responsible.  The Social Services brought them to the orphanage.  They did not tell more of their history except that the p...
    (0) Making A Difference

    Brice brought his guitar both at Mpila/Maison de Naz and also to Good Friend. The kids had such fun singing along - Thank you for opening these doors for ministry, thank you!

    (0) Making A Difference
    IMG_1203-useThese 2 young ladies are saying thank you.  Today they heard the story of Zacchaeus.  Brice brought his guitar to accompany the singing and how they loved that! There is a former prison inmate that attends that church and he is such a help with Good Friend.  His name is Donald.  We did coloring pix...
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