Tea Tree Oil - Australia's Natural Healer



Although it is not an African product, tea tree oil is one of the most popular products offered by Africa Imports. It's because of it's fast, effective healing. This product is also exported to Africa and is a very popular remedy there for anything from insect bites to gum disease.

What is tea tree oil? Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial disinfectant that was commonly used as a general antiseptic by the aborigine tribes for thousands of years. More recently, the scientific community has confirmed that Tea Tree Oil has amazing medicinal benefits. It is made by steaming tea tree leaves and then squeezing the oil out.

What can I use tea tree oil for? - To heal acne - To heal fungus - To heal athlete's foot - To heal yeast infections - To heal minor cuts - To get rid of warts - To get rid of dandruff - As a disinfectant spray - To treat insect bites - To treat bad breath, inflamed gums, and plaque - To heal sore throat and congestion - To treat canker sores and laryngitis

How do I use tea tree oil? Tea tree oil can be irritating if applied undiluted to the skin, so it's good to know how to apply it and how to use it as a health treatment. As an anti-acne and/or disinfectant treatment: Tea Tree Oil mixed into bath water works as a great disinfectant for skin. Simply mix 10 to 12 drops of the oil into bath water and soak in it for about 30 minutes twice a week. This same oil bath can also be used to relax muscles after a strenuous sport or workout. For bad breath, plaque removal, and inflamed gums: - Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a cup of warm water. - Use the solution as a mouthwash two to three times daily. - Always spit out the Tea Tree Oil mouthwash. Do not swallow it. - You may also add 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil to toothpaste when brushing teeth. For sore throat and congestion: Fill a large cooking pot or bowl with water. Bring the water to a boil. - Remove the pot from the stove and add 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil into it. - Cover your head with a towel and lean over the top of the bowl so that the long ends of the towel -are hanging down at the two sides of the bowl. - Inhale the vapors for about 5-10 minutes. - Repeat the process each night before going to bed until symptoms are cured completely. If symptoms persist for more than 5 days it is best to consult your doctor. To treat canker sores and laryngitis: - Add 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to one cup of warm water. - Gargle this solution twice daily. For minor cuts and scrapes: A direct application of a small amount of tea tree oil heals and disinfects. For yeast infections and thrush: 5 drops added to a warm bath can help with yeast infections and other vaginal infections. For fungus and athletes foot: To relieve Athletes Foot or fungal infections of the nails add 3 - 5 drops of oil to a warm foot bath and soak the feet daily. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel, especially between the toes. To treat warts, insect bites, or blisters: Apply one or two drops directly to spots, cuts, insect bites, stings, blisters and viral problems such as warts, verrucae, cold sores, shingles and Chickenpox lesions. You can find pure tea tree oil or other tea tree oil products on the Africa Imports web site. Tea Tree and Lemongrass Soap Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass Soap Tea Tree Oil Pure Tea Tree Oil