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The Art of the Fulani in Clothing

05/21/2009 13:57

Fulani Woman

 The Fulani people of West Africa are known for cattle herding and for their extreme beauty. Beauty is considered very important. One of the ways this is shown is through tattoos that are put all over the body. A distinguishing feature of a Fulani woman is her lips, which are many times a blackish color from the use of Henna or tattooing done on the mouth. When it comes to fashion, the Fulani prefer objects tinted in bright colors of red, yellow, or white and green; and which often feature long fringes. Some of the designs are cross ethnic: the zigzag bordered by parallel lines, for instance, is shared by Fulani and Dogon alike. Symmetry is very important, in both physical appearance and in the artistry used in apparel. The symbols and shapes all have some kind of meaning, but it's usually hard to know what the meanings are. Some of the symbols represent cattle; some represent the traditional dances that the women do for the men; some represent marriage status or the number of children one has. Whatever the meaning, leather is the most popular choice of material. This is probably because leather will withstand the conditions the Fulani face as they travel.

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