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The Sankofa Bird in African Jewelry and Art

04/13/2009 15:58


African jewelry is more than just a significant part of someone's wardrobe. It also symbolizes an important message of the wearer; and of African culture. You can find hidden meanings behind nearly every piece of African jewelry or artwork. Wearing these symbols is a great way to say something meaningful, and have something that truly identifies you with African culture. The fabled Sankofa bird is from Ghana, and its head is always turned backwards. This signifies "facing the past". The Sankofa bird represents the African belief "Always remember the past for therein lies the future." Many times the Sankofa bird will be holding an egg in its mouth. The egg symbolizes the future. The whole idea of the sankofa bird is to encourage people to go back and reclaim their past so that they can move forward; so they can understand why and how they came to be who they are today. Sankofa Bird Bracelet To find out more about the sankofa bird or to order the bracelet pictured above just Click Here. You can find more African jewelry at the Africa Imports web site by Clicking Here.