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Top 10 Reasons to Take a Bath with Dead Sea Salts

07/05/2009 09:55

#10 - Your Skin Will Thank You Bathing in warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving you soft and supple. Bathing also removes harmful toxins, so your skin is fresh and deeply cleansed. 

#9 - You Will Be Stress-Free Bathing literally lowers blood pressure and provides an excellent haven from your busy routine. You will feel yourself relax and your mind has a chance to calm, leaving the stress of the day behind. 

#8 - You'll Smell Wonderful Take a bath with scented dead sea salts or with African scented soaps. You can even line your bathtub with scented candles. Not only will the fragrance add a nice touch to your bathing experience - but you'll emerge smelling fresh and feeling clean. No need for perfume!

#7 - You'll Get a Good Night's Sleep Bathing has been proven to lead to a better night's sleep and for some, even cure insomnia. Bathing before bedtime will ensure a restful, uninterrupted night of sleep.

#6 - Your Muscles Will Be Limber At the end of a hard day, particularly if you exercise, your muscles can feel tight and tense. Bathing helps to loosen and relax the muscles, soothing aches and pains.

#5 - You Can Finally Have Some Time Alone If you need some restful solitude while you reflect and relax, bathing is definitely the answer. You can just close the door to everyone outside and rid yourself of your worries - don't worry, they'll understand:) 

#4 - It's Romantic Want a way to spice up the romance with your partner? Bathing is the perfect answer. It's inexpensive, fun, and undeniably romantic. 

#3 - You'll Look More Youthful In addition to the pretty flush you'll get from all that steam and warmth, your skin will soften and become smoother. Bathing in dead sea bath salts can even reduce the look of fine lines and other signs of aging, leaving you feeling and looking years younger.

#2 - It's Inexpensive Bathing is nearly free when you use dead sea bath salts. It's a low cost way to enjoy some luxury, bringing all the benefits of an expensive spa trip into your own home.

#1 - It's Fun! Simply put, bathing is fun. Whether your surrounded by rubber boats and ducks, flower petals or dead sea salts, bathing lets you fully relax and unwind. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of a long day, and it will energize and renew you, from the inside out. 

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