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Tuareg Silver and Black History

02/11/2009 13:02

Tuareg silver is one of the most treasured and symbolic pieces of African jewelry you can find today. Each piece is hand-crafted by Tuareg nomads in North Africa. Tuareg jewelry embodies their rich heritage and culture. The mysterious nomad people are rich in history, myth and tradition. Each piece of jewelry will doubtlessly stir our sense of adventure and exoticism forever.

Tuareg women sometimes have a superstitious fear of gold and will not wear it. Because of this, Tuareg silver has taken its place in the Tuareg traditions. Tuareg silver is an alloy of silver and copper, and the shade can vary from lustrous silver to a luminous coppery/gold tone. Tuareg silver jewelry is part of every Tuareg family estate. It has both symbolic and real value, serving also as savings and for foreign exchange. Every piece of jewelry is its own message and contains sometimes forgotten symbols. Every necklace worn by a Tuareg woman tells stories of her people, her city. Many times, the pendant represents the palace of the sultan, the pearls the outer quarters and their position in relation to the palace; pending triangles, the desert tribes. If gems are used in the jewelry, it represent the sultan himself and his court.

There are also symbols for the man, the woman, maternity and birth. Find many pieces of Tuareg Jewelry on the Africa Imports website or by Clicking Here.