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What to do when sales are slow

11/01/2013 15:13

In retail, there are always slow periods where nothing is selling. Whether it is because of seasonal, cyclical, or a recession or economic downturn, you need to be prepared and be more proactive. This is not the time to better your chess skills unless that is part of your business. You shouldn't just wait around for someone to jump out of nowhere and throw money at you. You need to be proactive. If you have a store front, you can rearrange your inventory and change your layout so that the shopping experience is new and fresh. Customers will see products they didn't notice before because it was in a different location. Put products you think might be good in the front of your store. Advertise more. To make money, you need to spend money. Buy an ad in the local paper or look for your local area on and buy advertising there. Have a sale on select items and post posters on your front of your store or on the home page of your website. Slashing prices always generate interest. Network more. Be involved in your local chamber of commerce and meet people and get advice or meet prospective customers. Bring some samples to hand out to people with your business card. Go to fairs and events that cater to your demographic and hand out samples there and get a booth to sell your items. Contact your best customers about new items or new promotions. Use social media and keep your presence up to date. Sign up to newsletters and emails from your competitors to see what they are doing. There is so much you can do. But you need to act. Don't sit there and play chess or wipe your keyboard clean of dust bunnies.