Why do some People Quit their New Business



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For every person who succeeds at a new business, there are three or four others who quit during the first year.

An Africa Imports business is one of the easiest businesses anywhere to get started. You can start with very little money invested. You can offer products found nowhere else, so you are not competing with a lot of other businesses. There are even dozens of free business helps available to get you started faster, easier, and with less risk.

Other people have succeeded before you. If you learn from what they have done already, you can avoid a lot of problems and extra work building a business that supports you.

So why do some people quit - often before they really even get started?

The biggest reason that our customers tell us is that they do not have enough product on hand for their customers to buy.

Another big reason is that many people lack confidence. They do not think that things will work for them; and they give up trying once things are even a little bit hard. If there is any chance that things won’t work, some people just won’t try.

If you are truly determined to have a successful business, this is actually good news for you. Most of the other people who try to build a business, get distracted and give up before the new business has a chance to become successful.

It is not as hard to succeed as you think. You just need to start evangelizing your products, and keep on doing it. It will be hard sometimes. There will be some people who will never buy what you are offering. You will ultimately build a successful business anyway though, if you just keep on working at your plan in a consistent and methodical way. Other people have; and they are no different from you.

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