Your oil sales can grow - without extra work



Oil Fragrances

It takes time to get a group of customers used to buying from you. But oils are one of the easiest parts of your business to grow.

At least a dozen customers have told me that oil sales have been the fastest and easiest part of their business to grow. Here’s why. Once your customers start using oils, they normally use them more and more, and over and over again. Customers find new ways to use oils. People share them with other people. Some people start mixing their own blends, or doing other things that bring them back to you for more.

This is why oil sales grow almost by themselves. If you have oils available for your customers, you will almost always sell more each month … even without extra work promoting them.

Selling oils requires almost no investment. You can have a sampling of oils for less than $10.00 Oils also take almost no space to display.

If you are not selling oils already, hopefully you will be writing or calling back to say that this worked for you too. It has worked for us; it has worked for other customers; and it is one of the easiest new items to try.

You can see a complete list of oil fragrances here. The newest oils have just been added to this list, so you will see what is newest now.

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