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You're Helping to Support a New Orphanage!



Yamba Ngai Orphanage 

As you may know, a percentage of all the sales at Africa Imports go to supporting orphanages in The Congo. We've added a new orphanage to the list of orphanages we support. The name of the orphanage is Yamba Ngai. 

Here's a letter from one of our representatives that works with the orphanages there: "This is one of the two new orphanages we have added to the list. Thus far, they will not allow pix, or videos but she would let us take picture of their outside wall. It is called Yamba Ngai. Thanks for your continued generosity!! Barb

So this is a thank you to all of you, because without your purchases we wouldn't be able to support these orphanages. To find out more about what we do with the orphanages or how they work just Click Here.