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    Light Wood & Cowrie Shells Bracelet

    J-B374 Light Wood & Cowrie Shells Bracelet

    Cowrie shells have a long history of symbolizing both spirituality and material wealth in Africa. The power of that symbolism is present in this Light Wood & Cowrie Shells Bracelet. The bracelet features cowrie shells alternating with light-colored wooden beads that have traditional African symbols etched into them. It has ties to close and adjust it. It is adjustable up to a 12” wrist. Made in Cameroon. J-B374

    Wholesale Price$3.95

    Small Cameroonian Fang Mask ASSORTED

    Assorted designs, photo shows variety. Approximately 2.5-3" in width and 10-12" long. Made in Cameroon. A-WC130
    Wholesale Price$12.95

    Cameroonian Color Fang Mask ASSORTED

    *Assorted designs, photo shows variety. This listing is for one mask.
    Wholesale PriceCall for pricing

    Cameroonian Tika Mask

    Assorted designs, photo shows variety. Approximately 7" in width and 16" long. Made in Cameroon. A-WC128
    Wholesale Price$39.95

    Pono Mask


    18" long x 7" . Made in Cameroon. A-WC073

    Pono masks represent idealized female ancestors' faces. The white color of the mask is genderless; white is a symbol for peace, deities, spirits of the dead, and the afterlife. It is thus the predominating color in funeral celebrations and memorials. Therefore the masks were worn during funerals. They appeared also in the magical rites whose function was to unmask sorcerers. The masks have realistic, mostly white but sometimes black faces with protruding pursed lips, globular protruding eyes incised with a curve, high-domed foreheads, and characteristic rigid high coiffures reflecting the Punu women's hair styles.

    Wholesale Price$34.95