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    Chebe products - customer reviews and reactions

    Some of the most popular new products that we have had are the Chebe hair growth products. We asked people what they liked or did not like about these are sown below. At the end of this, you see the response of the African woman who is importing and packaging this in the US. So far I like it my hair is growing where it had came out previously on my left side about a quarter-sized patch. I tried it but using the powder as directed I wasn't a fan of. It just didn't suit my lifestyle to leave it in and reapply, etc. it was also very messy to apply. To avoid the mess, I would suggest pouring the mixture into a spout bottle to control the application of the product on the hair. It would be cleaner as well. How I used this product, I used it as a strained tea rinse leaving it in for about an hour before rinsing and liked that method better. My hair felt stronger and seemed to have less shedding. I plan to implement this once a month. I liked the chebe a lot. I just thought that it left too much herbs in my hair, but the smell is good, and I'm still using it. The powder was not smooth, it was very giddy. I bought the Chebe powder the day it came out. I spoke to you because I was concerned about animal products in it but you assured me it was not in the powder or the oil, so they are what I bought. I have to say I don't like the powder. It doesn't stick to the hair well and it also gets all over the place. I would love to try the butter or the coconut oil if it's animal free. My experience with Chebe is... great so far. I look the smell and how the oil makes it a lot easier for me to do a twist out. I haven't seen growth yet, but I just got started. I absolutely love the product as it prevents my hair from breaking as I have very tight curls. It stretches my hair out and I'm able to extend my hair when taking out braids and twists without it breaking. Chebe leaves my hair soft and I have seen amazing growth and would recommend it to all of my customers. Great product! It was an experiment. I was so impressed with the video and shared the YouTube video and response has been great. I think it is going to be even better now that products can be offered separately. I expect great success with this product. I use what I sell and my hair is beautiful. My experience with the use of this product showing signs of new growth all over, especially my balding edges. My experience with Chebe is..leaving me hopeful. I pay special attention to my hairline and crown. I have noticed that my hair is starting to look thicker. I only use it once a week because I'm not a fan of the smell. I'm considering using it more often for a greater result. With the Chebe Oil, I see a difference in my hair and I have been using it in my shampoo and see a small difference in my hair growth. I like it! I prefer the ready made application over the powder, as messy as messy. Have applied 3 applications and saw results as soon as 5 days after 1st use. It smells like peppermint. I will keep using it until my hair grows the length I want and to help promote healthy hair. I tried your Chebe paste and it made my hair dry. The scent of the powder was so strong, and I wasn't sure what I would mix it with. I had to place another order for the paste. I've been using the paste for about a week now and I do like the way it makes my hair feel. I have faith that it will help restore my hair from damage and alopecia. I've been using paste for almost 3 weeks. The results are noticeable. My hair breakage has been very minimal. I really like the paste, and will continue it in my hair care regiment. Don't let the smell discourage you … it has a strong scent but it doesn't last long as only a small amount is needed on the hair. / I have used the Chebe oil alone directly on the hair and I have mixed it in my favorite hair care product. It's easy to use. However, if too much is used at one time, it can become messy.The color of the oil is black. If it drips on your clothes, It washes out if you do so immediately. I love the product, even the smell. Hair feels thick and soft. Have some shedding but not bad. A little gritty. I REALLY LIKED THE GRAINY TEXTURE OF THE PASTE AND HOW IT SMOOTHS OUT AFTER MASSAGING INTO MY HAIR . THERE WAS A BALD SPOT AT THE TOP AND MY EDGES WERE STARTING TO THIN. AFTER JUST TWO WEEKS OF REGULAR USE, 2-3 TIMES PER WEEK, I HAVE NOTICED A DIFFERENCE....MY HAIR IS STARTING TO FILL IN, THE BALD SPOT IS GETTING SMALLER! I like the smell of this and I’ve seen some results already. Response from Charity (the woman who brings the Chebe from Africa to the US) Of all the Chebe products, the paste comes closest to what the Chadian women use. If you have problems with your hair being dried out, you will need to add equal parts of Paste and your favorite oil, mix and apply. As you apply, follow Miss Sahel's example as shown on the video. She is the lady that introduced Chebe to the world". As for the ladies that say it is messy, I would recommend they use it as a deep conditioner once a week or use the Chebe Oil daily or every other day. Charity
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