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Clairol: Herbal Essence Type - 4 oz.

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About this product

The original Clairol Herbal Essence may be the only shampoo that smelled good enough to become a fragrance oil. Women of a certain age will remember its natural green scent, mixed with feminine florals and a bit of musk. Our fragrance oil puts the free spirit of the early ‘70s into a bottle and brings it forward for a new generation. If you long for authenticity in a too-virtual world, wrap yourself in the natural goodness of our Herbal Essence fragrance oil. O-CX564
  • A clean, fresh fragrance with a hint of flowers
  • Who is it for? Non-conformists, nature lovers, and anyone looking for a blast from the past.
  • When do I wear it? This is a daytime fragrance that’s perfect in hair care products and body creams. Try it as a house fragrance, too.
  • What are the notes? Green herbs and woods, florals, and a hint of musk.
  • IFRA Compliance

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