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King-Sized Traditional Dashiki

The Dashiki that Flatters Your Size
Create a stunning silhouette, no matter what your size! 100% cotton. 33" in length. Made in India. C-U932

  • 1X fits up to a 62" chest measurement.
  • 2X fits up to a 64” chest measurement.
  • 3X fits up to a 68" chest measurement.
  • 4X fits up to a 72" chest measurement.
  • 5X fits up to a 78” chest measurement.
  • 6X fits up to a 80" chest measurement.
Sku: C-U932
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Traditional Print Dashiki

Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. Fits up to a 56"- 60” bust and 33"-34” length. The border color on the dashiki may vary from the picture. One size fits all. Comes with two pockets. Some are cotton: others are viscose, best if hand washed. Made in India.*Not all dashikis come with a hat. C-U912
Sku: C-U912
Wholesale: $6.90 Retail: $13.80

Kente Dashiki

The essential accent of Africa
This comfy and cultural kente dashiki is an easy way to show your African pride. Fits up to 56" bust/chest measurement. 33" length. Comes with matching hat with a 22" circumference. 100% cotton, hand wash for best results. Dashiki has two front pockets. Made in India. C-U920

Sku: C-U920
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Men's Luxury Pant Set

Money saver. Complete set with embroidered top, pants, and kufi hat. 100% polyester; hand wash for best results.

  • Free fits up to a 52" chest, 36" shirt length. 64" drawstring waist, and 26" inseam (41" hip to hem).
  • Plus size fits up to a 58" chest, 37" shirt length, 70" drawstring waist, and 28" inseam (42" hip to hem).

    Kufi hat is 22" in circumference. Made in India. C-M051

  • Sku: C-M051
    Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

    T-Shirt - Black History Month

    Sku: C-A999
    Wholesale: $4.95 Retail: $9.90

    Traditional Print Flare Dress

    Fits up to a 52" bust. 34" length. Has 2 pockets and head scarf. 100% cotton. MAde in India. C-WH363

    Sku: C-WH363
    Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

    Heavy Cloth Mud Print Dashiki

    Be bold and stylish with this Mud Print dashiki. Showing designs found on African mudcloth, you can show your African pride. 100% cotton. Made in India. Wash separately in cold water. C-WF827
    • Regular Size fits up to 54" bust. 33" in length.
    • Plus Size fits up to 64" bust. 34" in length.
    Sku: C-WF827
    Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

    African Print Woman's Coat

    C-WH081 African Print Woman's Jacket This African Woman’s Jacket combines a classic trench coat style with a traditional African pattern. The jacket has two rows of buttons and a matching belt. Comes in your choice of blue or turquoise, each with a different pattern. Beautiful and feminine but also practical. Made in China of 100% cotton and 100% polyester lining.C-WH081
    • XL fits 42" bust. 40" length.
    • 2X fits 46" bust. 43" length.
    • 3X fits 48" bust. 46" length.
    Sku: C-WH081
    Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

    Gambian Tie-Dye Skirt Set

    Get sexy with this Wrap Skirt with Top. Tie Dye designs will vary. No two are alike. 100% cotton. One size fits most. Fits up to a 40-42" bust and 30" x 50" adjustable wrap skirt. Shirt is approximately 25" in length. Has cowrie shell fringe. Made in The Gambia. C-W125

    Sku: C-W125
    Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

    Sun Print Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit: Blu/Prp

    Bold and stylish, this Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit is a distinctive addition to any wardrobe. The jumpsuit has long bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder neckline and wide pant legs.

    Jumpsuit is 48” in length with a 20” inseam. Fits up to a 40" bust and waist. 44" hips.Comes with two convenient pockets. Made of 100% cotton. Authentic and hand made in Ghana, West Africa. Machine wash in cold water. C-WK079

    Sku: C-WK079
    Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

    Purple Brocade Pleated Skirt Set

    Achieve a simple look of elegance
    Own the look of African queens with this traditional ruffled-sleeved skirt set. This is an all time customer favorite. Comes complete with wrap skirt, buba (long blouse), and Gele (head wrap). Fits up to a 36" bust. 62" x 45" wrap skirt. 100% Cotton brocade. Made in Senegal. Hand wash or dry clean for best results. C-W523
    Sku: C-W523
    Wholesale: $39.90 Retail: $79.80

    Trad Print Long-Sleeve Open Kaftan

    Open kaftan. Fits up to a 50" bust. Elastic back. 47" in length. 100% cotton. Comes with head scarf. Made in India. Wash in cold water. C-WK086
    Sku: C-WK086
    Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $29.90