Extra ways to Market Your African Skin Care Products

With the economic crisis effecting everyone from the shop down the corner to your own home business, it's good to think creatively. There are a hundred ways that African soaps and skin care products can not only help your own business, but help the business next door...or in the next town! If you haven't tried already, try bringing samples of your products and catalogs to these prospects:

SOAPS AND PERSONAL-CARE PRODUCTS If you're selling soaps, keep an eye out for these businesses that could profit off of having your high-quality, natural African soaps around. - Beauty Salons - Spas - Guest Houses - Bed and Breakfasts - Farmers Markets - Whole Foods Stores - Gift Shops Cut a few bars of soaps into sample-sized pieces and place each piece in a small plastic bag. Attach the bag to a catalog with your business card. You can also bring a sample of shea butter or any other natural product you prefer. If possible, try to have the person you're dealing with sample the product while you are there. Give them a special offer on their first order; for example, any order over $40 gets a free bar of soap. Good luck and happy selling! If you'd like to find more free articles, including many business tips and more just Click Here. You can also find hundreds of African soaps and health and beauty products on the Africa Imports web site. Just Click Here