How to clear acne scars with tea tree oil

Smooth skin is an ideal that we all strive for. When celebrities and models are photographed they never seem to have a breakout of acne or blackheads. We know that any pimples will be covered by expert make-up artists. For the rest of us, having smooth, zit-free skin requires extra help. There are a lot of commercial products that promise to help with breakouts.

One of the worst side effects of acne is the scars that pimples can leave behind. Who wants to walk around with a face that is pockmarked by scars? If you already have acne scars you may feel like it is too late to improve your skin. It is not too late though. You can use an all-natural product that will improve your skin and make it smoother.


Tea tree oil is the key to clearing up acne scars and controlling breakouts. Tea tree oil comes from Australia. It is derived from the native tree ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’, a member of the myrtle tree family. British explore James Cook christened it the Tea tree in the 1770’s when he saw native Australians brewing tea from the leaves of the tree. They had a tradition of using tea tree as an antiseptic for skin conditions. In the 1920’s, chemist Arthur Penfold published a series of papers that confirmed the antiseptic properties of the Tea tree. This led to wide-spread use of tree tea oil for skin conditions.


Tea tree oil is made through a process of distillation. Fresh leaves from the tea tree are placed in a pot and then covered with water. A vegetable steamer is placed on top of the leaves and water with a glass measuring cup in the steamer. The pot is then covered with a lid that is placed on the pot upside down. The water is boiled and four ice cubes are placed on the upside down lid to hasten the steaming process. After the ice cubes melt the contents of the measuring cup are poured into a funnel. The funnel is shaken to separate the oil from the water. The water is poured out and the oil from the leaves is poured into a tinted glass bottle. Modern distillation methods produce tea tree oil that ranges from clear to very pale golden or yellow in color. It also has a fresh camphor-like scent. It has a shelf-life of eighteen to twenty-four months.

How does tea tree oil work? Scientists believe that tea tree oil has chemicals that kill bacteria and fungus and reduce allergic skin reactions. They believe that it has a very high terpene content that destroys bacteria. That makes it very effective at fighting acne and improving skin after breakouts. Tea tree oil helps heal zits and the lesions they leave behind. It minimizes scars when applied to wounds. It also helps with arthritis, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections of the skin and nails. It is used to heal burns and boils. It can be used to heal cold and herpes sores. It is also good for insect bites, stings, cuts, and abrasions. It can be a cure for thrush, psoriasis, and vaginal yeast infections. It heals dandruff and dry scalp. With all those uses it is clear that tea tree oil is a highly versatile and useful product.

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