Importance of Essential Oils

Essential oils should become a part of your life. They have a vast number of benefits that will help improve the quality of your life. There are four grades of essential oils: food, therapeutic, perfume, and floral water.

Food-grade essential oils are safe for cooking and consumption because they do not have any harmful chemicals. They are used to flavor your food and drink or help improve health ailments on the inside.

Therapeutic essential oils are pure, which you need to dilute with a carrier oil before being used on the skin. This process helps prevent any skin sensitivity issues. Diluted therapeutic essential oils are also good on hair or in bathwater. Carrier oils are vegetable oils that tend to have no scent, preventing altering scents in therapeutic oils. Use those oils to improve the appearance of the skin or improve skin ailments or conditions, such as eczema, dryness, darkness, etc. They are also used in place of perfume while they still contain therapeutic benefits.

Perfume essential oils are fragrant and void of benefits. They also tend to be pre-diluted with a carrier oil. Use those to smell good! Despite not having any benefits, they still boost one's self-confidence knowing that they smell great.

Floral waters are essential oils often used in skincare to stimulate the skin. They also contain all the benefits that come from the flower to make specific water. They act as skin toners. Some brands have floral waters that are food-grade as well.

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