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Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume (W) - 1 oz

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About this product

Launched in 2010, Not a Perfume by Juliette has a Gun is indeed not a proper perfume, which is the point of creating it. Different from any other perfume you may have in your collection, it has just one note, Ambrox. Ambox originated as a substitute to grey amber, which was often too expensive to use in ordinary fragrances. It has become very popular as a base note, here takes center stage as the only note. The result is typically subtle yet somewhat intriguing. It often smells different to the wearer than it does to those smelling it on the wearer. It also seems to work with the individual wearer and the result is something somewhat unique to each person who wears it. Made of simple molecules, it is non-allergenic and doesn’t follow the rule of modern perfumery. Be a bit of a rebel and try Not a Perfume today! O-J991

This oil is phthalate free.

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