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Men's African Clothing

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Traditional Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt

These are cut small. See the measurements shown below. You may want to buy a larger size. Try on a button up dress shirt with the popular traditional print design. 100% cotton. Made in Thailand. Machine wash in cold water. Line dry. Warm iron. No bleach. C-M077

  • MD fits 39" chest. 28" length.
  • LG fits 40" chest. 28" length.
  • XL fits 42" chest. 28" length.
  • 2X fits 46" chest. 30" length.
  • 3X fits 48" chest. 30" length.
Sku: C-M077
Wholesale: $9.95

Men's Luxury Pant Set

Money saver. Complete set with embroidered top, pants, and kufi hat. 100% polyester; hand wash for best results.

  • Free fits up to a 52" chest, 36" shirt length. 64" drawstring waist, and 26" inseam (41" hip to hem).
  • Plus size fits up to a 58" chest, 37" shirt length, 70" drawstring waist, and 28" inseam (42" hip to hem).

    Kufi hat is 22" in circumference. Made in India. C-M051

  • Sku: C-M051
    Wholesale: $19.95

    Embroidered Pocket-Dashiki Pant Set

    Get some style with these embroidered pockets. Shirt fits up to 56" chest. 39" length. Drawstring Pants have 29" inseam and 42" length. Fits up to 56" waist. 55% cotton / 45% polyester. Comes with matching hat. Dashiki has two pockets. Made in India. C-M072
    Sku: C-M072
    Wholesale: $24.95

    Gold Embroidered Brocade Pant Set

    Invigorating masculine style
    This bold, brocade pant set surrounds the modern man with a sense of his African roots. Made with rich, luxurious cotton brocade that has detailed embroidery throughout the fabric. 100% brocade. Hand wash. One size fits all; fits up to a 52" chest, 34" shirt length, 50" drawstring waist, and 31" inseam(45" from hip to hem). Made in Africa. C-M450

    Sku: C-M450
    Wholesale: $34.95

    Embroidered Grand BouBou

    Make a grand entrance!
    The grand boubou defines African masculinity. Made by only the most skilled tailors, this four-piece garment displays pure brilliance. Includes top, pants, boubou outer garment and kufi hat. Each boubou takes weeks to create, and each has meticulous gold embroidery. Shirt fits up to a 52" chest, 39" shirt length, 54" drawstring waist, 31" inseam. Kufi fits a 24" circumference. Boubou has a 106" chest and 54" length. Hand-made in Ghana or the Gambia. C-M211
    Sku: C-M211
    Wholesale: $64.95

    Men's Brocade Dashiki

    Something for Every Man!
    Stylish and comfortable 100% cotton dashikis. Hand wash for best results. Free size fits up to a 50-54" chest and 35" length. Plus size fits up to a 60" chest and 35" length. Each dashiki has authentic hand embroidery that may vary slightly on each garment. Embroidery color may be gold or may be the same as the fabric color. Each comes with embroidery, the work of Africa's own tailors. Made in Gambia. C-M024
    Sku: C-M024
    Wholesale: $19.95

    Luxury Pant Set

    Popular money saving full mens 3 piece Garment. Loose fitting and comfortable.

    Comes with a top with buttons at the top, pants and kufi. 100% cotton. Pants have 2 pockets. Shirt has 1 pocket. Made in India. C-M083

    • 1X - Shirt - 50" chest, 37" length. Pants - 40" elastic waist, 40" length, 25" inseam
    • 2X - Shirt - Shirt - 54" chest, 38" length. Pants - 41" elastic waist, 42" length, 31" inseam
    • 3X - Shirt - 56" chest, 38" length. Pants - 42" elastic waist, 43" length, 31" inseam
    Sku: C-M083
    Wholesale: $19.95

    Kente Kurta

    Sku: C-M085
    Wholesale: $19.95

    Full Length Brocade Dashiki Pant Set

    An Elegant Suit Hand-Tailored in Senegal
    This 100% brocade suit is hand-crafted and has detailed gold embroidery along the neckline, around the cuffs of the pants, and around the kufi hat. Fits up to a 60" chest, 58" shirt length, 54" drawstring waist, and 27" inseam. Made in Senegal. C-M923
    Sku: C-M923
    Wholesale: $37.95

    Brocade Zipper Dashiki & Pant Set

    Authentic and impressive. Comfortable one size fits all design. Comes with African brocade dashiki with a zipper, pants with 2 pockets, and a kufi hat. 100% cotton. Pants fit a 46" waist with straps, 40" length, and low cut 25" inseam that fits any size from normal 26" - 34" inseam. Dashiki has a 50" chest, 41" length. Made in Senegal. C-M084
    Sku: C-M084
    Wholesale: $39.95

    Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe

    Don't ever be overlooked
    Capture the attention of any passer-by with this totally original African "Grande Bubu". Completely made of mudcloth, this impressive outfit will show others what you're made out of. The authentic African Mud cloth makes this handsome and one-of a kind, only a true man will want to be seen in this.Each garment is completely unique and different. No two are alike.Approx. 46" wide x 52" long. One size fits all. Made in Mali. C-M200
    Sku: C-M200
    Wholesale: $59.50

    Embroidered Gran Boubou

    Popular money saving full men's 3 piece Garment. Loose fitting and comfortable.

    Comes with a top , pants and kufi. 100% cotton. Pants have 2 pockets. Made in India. C-M087

    • Free - Shirt - 52" chest, 44" length. Pants - 38" elastic waist, 43" length, 30" inseam
    • Plus - Shirt - Shirt - 54" chest, 44" length. Pants - 41" elastic waist, 43" length, 31" inseam
    Sku: C-M087
    Wholesale: $29.95