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    Natural Remedies For Cold & Flu

    Do you prefer using natural remedies rather than medication? In a world where there’s a separate pill for every type of ailment, more and more people are turning towards natural remedies for their treatment instead.

    Here at Africa Imports, we stock a wide range of natural products that are known for their potential healing properties. Take a look at the following oils and their properties to make your own effective home remedies.


    With every drop being rich in vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron, basil oil is well known for its nutritional benefits. People have reported basil having positive treatment effects for cold and flu symptoms, as well as nausea, indigestion, and constipation. With basil being such a common ingredient in cooking as well, it’s so easy to include in your current recipes.



    Trouble with chest congestion from cold and flu? Add some cinnamon leaf oil to an oil burner and see if it helps with your symptoms. Cinnamon leaf oil has also been known to help with low energy levels – give it a try on the days when you’re feeling a bit groggy. People like it well enough as a scent for their homes, let alone as a great remedy for cold and flu. Try it in an oil burner for a spicy and cozy scent in your home.


    Used since ancient times in Australia, eucalyptus oil has gained a strong reputation over the years as being the best cure for a blocked nose. Not many people know this, but it’s been known to soothe sore throats by gargling a few drops of the oil with water. It also helps with harsh coughs and chests and respiratory conditions in general. Some people have even found it to soothe earaches.

    Fir Needle

    There’s good evidence to suggest that inhaling fir needle essential oil can help improve respiratory conditions by releasing mucus and reducing inflammation in your throat and bronchial tubes. It can function as a natural pain reliever; the oil stimulates the skin to bring blood to the surface, while flushing out toxins and ultimately speeding up your recovery. The scent released from fir needle oil also makes your home smell great as an added bonus.


    Another oil that makes your home smell great while providing a wide array of potential health benefits is pine oil. The possible health benefits include it being antiallergy, antibacterial, and a natural asthma and cough remedy. Not only this, but if you add pine oil to your cleaning cloths, it becomes a natural way to kill bacteria and germs.


    Slightly less common than the rest, myrrh oil is more of a preventative treatment rather than a remedy for symptoms – it has been known to strengthen the immune system and protect wounds from infection. Some people have also experienced a reduction in stress, depression, and anxiety by breathing in the scent from myrrh oil.


    If you’re unfamiliar with jamarosa oil, it offers a refreshing rosy-grass scent that is gaining a lot of popularity as a home fragrance. For its health benefits, it’s famous for reducing the signs of acne by affecting the overproduction of sebum. It’s also been found to be helpful for fighting the symptoms of fever in colds and flu, while also working as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Add a drop into your moisturizing lotion for the skin benefits.


    Another fever fighter is the classic lemongrass oil. It’s been known to clear the achy heads that fevers make so unbearable. It’s also been successful in improving energy levels, alleviating stress and anxiety, treating insomnia, fighting acne, strengthening hair, killing germs, and the list goes on. It can even be used as a natural anti-perspirant. Lemongrass is a refreshing scent that people also use as fragrance for their homes. Add some into your oil burner to try it out.


    If you like lemongrass, you could try pure lemon oil. Naturally rich in antioxidants, lemon essential oil can help fight kidney or urinary tract infections and gout. It can be very effective for persistent nausea. Lemon is another option that has been known for its therapeutic benefits – it can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.


    Peppermint oil offers much more than just flavoring for candy and toothpastes – it’s known to improve the appearance of the skin and hair, calm itching, relieve headaches, and clear blocked noses, while also acting as a natural inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Some people even claim it to be a secret hangover cure.


    If peppermint is too strong for you, try the lighter spearmint oil. Containing menthol, spearmint is popular for treating headaches, general fatigue, and anxiety. It’s perhaps best known for settling uneasy stomachs and nausea, though. Some people like to use it as a natural alternative to artificial disinfectants. And last but not least, you can also use it to ward away insects.


    Extracted from the peel of mandarin oranges, mandarin oil has been known to help with a range of not just physical but emotional conditions as well. It’s particularly useful for treating cellulite and stretch marks when used as a massage oil. Be careful about leaving it on your skin too long, as it may become an irritant when used for long durations. Mandarin oil has been known to help with nausea and stress and anxiety.


    We hope we have something that you’re interested in trying for treating your cold and flu symptoms in a natural way. Most of our customers are trying to get away from the chemicals and unknown additives found in artificial medicine.

    As we’ve mentioned, almost all our oils are known have multiple health benefits. Even without cold and flu, many of our customers make these oils part of their daily routines to get relief from a number of maladies. It’s worth trying some today.

    Get in touch with our team if you’re looking for more advice about how our products can be a part of your natural remedies. We love talking to our customers, and we get a kick out of answering any questions they may have.


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