Photos for my own website

Can I use the photos on for my own website

Yes! You are welcome to use the photos on our website to help promote products for sale. We hope that you will buy your products from Africa Imports; and that using these photos is good for us both. These photos can also be used for charitable, educational, and religious purposes. There is no permission to use these photos in a way that is associated with any illegal, immoral, racially divisive, or pornographic website, business, or other type of communication.


How to put these photos onto your own website.

You can put these photos onto your own website two ways.

  1. You can download a zip file with all images for free. You would need a Dropbox account to download.
  2. The best way for most people to get photos is to take copies of the images from our website; and then upload them one at a time to their own website. The way that this is done is shown below. These instructions assume that you are viewing our website with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    1. Find the photo that you are wanting to use on You can search for products fastest by typing the item number into our search box for any product that you want a photo for.
    2. Once you find the product that you want on our website, click on the product photo until you get the largest image available.
    3. Hold you mouse over the large photo; right click; and from the drop down box that appears, choose "Save picture as". You can then save this photo onto your desktop or any other location on your computer hard drive that you want to. You can also rename the photo with whatever file name you want to give to it to help you with search engine marketing.
    4. Upload the saved photo onto your website server in the same way that you insert other photos on your website.