Starting Up

How do I get customers when I am just starting?

"I need all the help in the world to get started. I have been working for a company for ten years and realized that I need to take control of my life and start my own business. I have little experience in this business but would like to start. I would appreciate some techniques and ways that can reach out to get customers".

The question sent in above is a something that people write to us about all the time.

There are lots of different things that you can do to get more customers and to grow your business. What works best for you will probably be a little different from what works for other people, so it is good to try a few different ideas. Different customers want different things; and buy in different ways. So experimenting with some different ideas can help you find new customers in ways that you probably don't expect right now.

The main thing that you want to do at this point though, is to get new customers. Here are some fast activities to get started with right away.


1. Put together a list of names of people you know. You know at least 100 people; and if you start writing down the names of everyone you can think of, you will have a list of 100 names for this faster and easier than you think.


Write down names of people for jobs, previous jobs, church, school, relatives, friends of people from these other lists who you have met ... It may sound like a lot of names, but you certainly know at least 100 people who you can tell about this.


2. Send postcards or letters to everyone you know telling them about your new business. You can send an email also; but sending both an email and something by regular mail also should more than double your response rate.


Use your list of 100 names from step #1 for the people to contact.


3. Follow up with people you have mailed a letter to with a phone call.


Most of us get more mail than we can really pay a lot of attention to. By contacting these same people again, you give them an extra way to remember you when they are ready for something. If you call or visit some of these people; and let them see how excited you are about this; these first contacts will also help you reach other people.


4. Go to people you know, and offer them a free bar of African soap. This is good because everyone uses soap; the African soaps make a big impression on people when they use them; and it gets people interested in seeing the other products that you have after they have used it. We have a starter kit that is built on this idea that has worked exceptionally. There are over 200 people who have gotten started this way; and it has worked for almost everyone who has used it. I would be happy to tell you more about this if you would like, or you can read more about it at.


If you do all of these things, people will remember what you are doing.


They will remember you when they are with other people who they can refer you to. By making a good impression on these people that you have a good thing going; and that you are serious; you will have the beginning of a base of customers.


You can open a store; have a booth in a flea market or street fair; have home parties; and do several other things to find new customers. Your business is built and supported by customers though. So your goal right now is to find new customers wherever this works best for you. If you can start putting together a group of customers now, these other activities will all work better for you if you do one or more of these things.


We have a lot of customers who order from us each week, who are making either some extra income or a full income by working from their homes.


There is no reason why you can't do the same thing. There is a lot of extra information to help you get started, or to give you more ideas, on our website. If you need any more help, please call or email me any time at all.


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