Stay Motivated

and Never Give up As an Entrepreneur

Written By: Cheron Young

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to become a successful business owner. As a young child growing up in Connecticut, I would come up with many ways to make money. I remember babysitting, companionship for the elderly and the disabled, pet sitting, house sitting, house cleaning, and many other business adventures. I was always self-motivated and a go-getter. Many entrepreneurs are the type of people that like to take control and make decisions. When you have a passion for something, you will work hard to achieve your goals. That is what I strive to do each day.


I have been selling Africa Import products for over a year. My family and I have been using soaps, oils, hair products, artifacts, jewelry, bitters, incense, sage, toothpaste, teas, lotions, creams, and much more. To kick off the business, I began by selling to friends and family. Then I came up with other strategies to increase my sales revenue. Expanding your business by incorporating E-Commerce can be very helpful especially during these trying times. After doing my research, I have found that most consumers are looking online for information that will help them make smarter purchasing decisions. That is when I decided that it was time to take my business to another level. I learned how to build my own professional website with a well-known online platform that has supportive customer service if you need assistance. Incorporating detailed descriptions on the items that I sell and adding pictures have increased my revenue. When you give plenty of details on your products, it decreases customer inquiries as well. Which also saves time. Always remember, “time is money”.


There are so many ways to grow your customers. You can purchase ads on social media, get to know your customers, attend networking events, host events, offer superior customer service, give back to the community, and many more strategic approaches with dedicated research. For example, you can purchase an ad on a local social platform where neighbors connect and share information. They have a business section where you can advertise your business to the local community, and I suggest you offer a promotion on your products. You can try 10% off your order, or have a holiday sale, offer free shipping, free samples, or a gift with orders over $25. The “sky's the limit”. I tried this and it got many people to subscribe to my website’s mailing list. That way whenever I have a promotion, I can email them directly. The customer signed up themselves so there was “no pressure” from our company’s end. That means that the customer was interested and is thinking about giving the business a try.


These are some business tactics that I use to increase my business revenue and it works for me. I like to say, “trial and error”. You should measure what works for you and refine your approach as you go. I hope you all enjoyed this article and remember to stay motivated and never give up on your endeavors.