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    Top 10 African Father's Day Gifts for 2021

    Blog | Africa Imports

    How can you say "I love you" dad in a tangible way? With an unforgettable gift from Africa Imports Father's Day gift guide that will seem tailor-made for him, of course! Father's Day, is a time to honor fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and fathers-to-be with unique Father's Day gifts. Every father will feel cherished and valued with one of our Father's Day presents!

    Take all the guesswork out of Father's Day shopping and get your Dad one of these amazing curated gifts. Discover unique, & high-quality African inspired designs for Father's Day. There's something for every kind of father figure, at every budget. Get shopping and start celebrating the best guy in your life!

    1. Traditional Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt

    Dad always puts the family first, so making him feel extra special and loved on Father's Day should be a top priority. Let him try on a button-up dress shirt with the popular traditional print design made in Thailand. 100 percent machine-washable cotton fabric that makes even his messiest, sweatiest summer outings seem like no big deal.

    1. Orange Kente Trim Dress Shirt.

    Orange Kente Trim Dress Shirt will be a standout piece in your father's closet. It's the ultimate sign of good vibes and high fives for the ever-optimistic father who showers his children with love and support. The Orange Kente Trim Dress Shirt with a mandarin collar, cuffed sleeves, and a button-down front. The colorful Kente design will make your father look sharp and elegant. Available in black, yellow, orange, red, and green, the Orange Kente Trim Dress Shirt wraps around the neck, front, and sleeves. There is also a pocket on the breast in the same Kente pattern. It has pre-washed everyday softness, a classic fit, and a timeless style that dad will adore.

    1. Black Panther Dashiki

    Black Panther Dashiki is bold but stylish, a magnificent complement to any wardrobe and suited for a king like your father. A V-neck, half-length sleeves, and rounded hemlines characterize the traditional dashiki. Black Panther Dashiki is black with gold patterns running down the front and along the sleeves' edges. It also has two front pockets that are quite useful.

    1. Kente Mud Print Dashiki & Cap

    This Kente Mud Print Dashiki and Cap is bold and unique, making it a genuinely African complement to your father's wardrobe. A V-neck and short sleeves characterize the traditional dashiki. It features a traditional Kente mud print of black chevrons on white stripes alternating with orange stripes overlaid with smaller red, green and black stripes. It comes with a matching Kufi cap that will keep your father with a cool head.

    1. Kente Polo Shirt

    Kente Polo Shirt is a substantial gift for Father's day. It is a smart and crisp addition to your Father's wardrobe. This plain-looking polo shirt is a traditional polo with short sleeves and a spread collar. It will be unlike any other in his wardrobe. When they discover that this high-quality fabric requires less frequent machine cleaning than other materials, everyone in the house will be ecstatic. Plus, your father may tuck it neatly into his slacks any day of the week for a comfortable work casual look.

    A classic striped Kente design is in red, yellow, and green trims the collar, sleeves, and hem. The polo is available in black, red, and white.

    1. African Tribal Print Dashiki & Cap

    African Tribal Print Dashiki & Cap is cool and elegant. It will add a truly African touch to your father's outfit. Your elegant father will appreciate the traditional dashiki's modest V-neck and loose, short sleeves. The classic kufi cap has no brim and is round. African Tribal Print Dashiki & Cap have a traditional black and white patchwork mud print design.

    1.       Frank & Myrrh Exotic Incense Bundle

    The Frank & Myrrh Exotic Incense Bundle will delight your father with its simply beautiful incense and is a great one to burn if your father practices yoga or meditates. Some of our customers love this fragrance so much they add it to their order every time they purchase! This bundle contains approximately 85-100 incense sticks so is long-lasting too making them excellent value for money. If your father loves a rich and delightful scent that can be used day and night, both at home and in the office then this is perfect choice for him.

    1. Kente Kufi Hat Style #1

    Bright colors on Kente Kufi hat makes it stand out! It is fun and popular and will make your Father feel elegant and like a celebrity. Men wear kufi to exhibit pride in their culture, history, and religion. It reflects their status as wise elders, religious individuals, or family patriarchs. Kente Kufi hat print lands on each hat and may vary, each hat could be different from the next, so you have a variety to choose from.

    1. Gold Ankh Necklace: Large (3") 14

    Surprise your father with a unique, elegant and Egyptian mysticism with the ankh necklace. It is a long-lasting gold and will last for your lifetime. Make a memorable father's day with the glimmering ankh pendant from They also have some with gold beads and some with brown beads.

    10.  D'Jembe Drum: X-Small 6-8"

    Even if it seems like your drummer dad has everything, show him how much you love and support his talent with D'Jembe Drum. It is a handcrafted traditional African musical instrument. D'Jembe Drum’s surface is composed of goat skin, leather, and the base is carved wood that is surrounded with plain or braided rope. Some feature beautiful cloth trim along the top and designs etched into the base. This is the greatest gift for your father especially if he enjoys reggae and other cultural musical productions. It brings the rhythm of Africa to life with these miniature d'jembe drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal. Music lovers are passionate about finding new and interesting ways to practice their craft. You are buying your father something that is high quality, interesting, and useful for your father.

    Show your Dad how much he means to you; he's the best, and he deserves the best! Grandpa or another father figure in your life would definitely treasure and value the extra care and work you put into selecting his gift this year. African patterns are widely used as a way of personal decoration and communication. These magnificent fabrics provide wearers and admirers with an abstract and comprehensible view of African social, religious, and political situations.

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