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    Set Of 30 Soaps

    Get a broad variety of natural soaps...without getting skinned
    Buying a set of thirty soaps lets you save money and enjoy more opportunities to find your favorite soaps. This assortment pack includes numerous products that naturally clean and help rejuvenate the skin, such as black soaps, natural cocoa butter soap, and shea butter glycerine soap. There's something for everyone. The set includes various top-selling products. Exact soaps included may vary from photo shown as different soaps become more popular or from an inventory shortage of one particular soap. Most soaps are made in USA. M-S001

    There is no free shipping on full cases of soap when the order is more than $400.

    Wholesale Price$54.95

    Tuareg Silver Earrings - Red Jewel

    Wholesale Price$6.95

    Embroidered Grand BouBou

    Make a grand entrance!
    The grand boubou defines African masculinity. Made by only the most skilled tailors, this four-piece garment displays pure brilliance. Includes top, pants, boubou outer garment and kufi hat. Each boubou takes weeks to create, and each has meticulous gold embroidery. Shirt fits up to a 52" chest, 39" shirt length, 54" drawstring waist, 31" inseam. Kufi fits a 24" circumference. Boubou has a 106" chest and 54" length. Hand-made in Ghana or the Gambia. C-M211
    Wholesale Price$64.95

    Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe

    Don't ever be overlooked
    Capture the attention of any passer-by with this totally original African "Grande Bubu". Completely made of mudcloth, this impressive outfit will show others what you're made out of. The authentic African Mud cloth makes this handsome and one-of a kind, only a true man will want to be seen in this.Each garment is completely unique and different. No two are alike.Approx. 46" wide x 52" long. One size fits all. Made in Mali. C-M200
    Wholesale Price$59.50

    Royal Jewelry Set: Brass & Copper

    Wholesale Price$7.95

    12" Giraffe Couple


    Capture Romance
    Discover a new feeling with this 12" giraffe couple. Hand-carved of solid wood. This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. Ordering more than 12 can incur oversized shipping. Made in Kenya. A-WC622

    Wholesale Price$11.95

    D'Jembe Drum: Small/Medium 13"-15"

    *Oversized shipping when 2 or more are ordered.
    Wholesale Price$39.95

    Sex On The Beach (W) Type - 1 oz.

    Wholesale Price$3.95

    XXX-Large Fula Silver Earrings - 2¼"

    Wholesale Price$29.95

    Black Love (W) Type - 4 oz.

    Show off the Nubian Goddess in you
    Reach new heights of romance with Black Love. This sharp, sultry fragrance will entice the senses with a blend of spices and florals. When you want something unforgettable for that special night. O-B134
    Wholesale Price$9.95

    Romance (W) Ralph Lauren Type - 4 oz.

    Wholesale Price$9.95

    Tuareg Silver Earrings - Gofed Design

    Tuareg Silver pendant that identifies the home of the wearer. Traditionally given to a young man on reaching adulthood in the village of Gofed. Tuareg Silver is an alloy of copper and silver made from Silver Dollars in Africa. Own your own piece of African culture with authentic Tuareg jewelry work. Not imitation plastic, mass produced in another cultures factory, each set of earrings is individually hand crafted by someone who has created jewelry as their lifetime work.. Perfect when you want something authentic, handcrafted, and truly all your own at the same time. J-TE120
    Wholesale Price$5.95