Virgin Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Virgin coconut oil is the second best-selling skincare product we carry, and it's easy to see why! People claim it helps with anything from weight loss to skin health. What about your hair? Here's a great way to use coconut oil for your hair! This treatment leaves your hair shiny, extra soft, and also helps rid your scalp of dandruff. Apply virgin coconut oil to the scalp and hair for 20 – 30 minutes before washing it. For best results, leave it on overnight (placing a clean towel on your pillow to protect it). Wash the oil out in the morning with a toxin-free shampoo. Sometimes warming the oil makes it easier to apply to your skin or hair. Never microwave virgin coconut oil. Simply place it in a bottle inside a bowl of warm water, or rub it in your hands to help it to melt.

Virgin Coconut Oil

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