What are the Benefits of Pure Organic Unrefined Shea Butter for Skin and Hair?

If you care even a tiny bit about your skin, you probably must have heard about Shea butter. It is derived from the Shea trees found in Africa and is off-white in color. This ingredient is a staple in skincare products made to give moisture to the skin and keep it soft and refreshed.

The organic raw unrefined Shea butter is when it undergoes the cold-pressed extraction. In this process, no artificial chemicals get infused, and the quality of the product is kept intact. When used in its purest form, it makes for the best ingredient in skincare and haircare products and has medicinal benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits in detail:

Benefits of Shea butter for skin:

Moisturizes the skin

The topical application of organic raw unrefined Shea butter instantly hydrates the skin and moisturizes it from within. In its purest form, it gets easily absorbed in the skin and doesn’t feel sticky. Furthermore, it creates a barrier between your skin and the environmental factors helping lock in all the moisture.

Promotes cell regeneration

The antioxidant properties of Shea butter help in the regeneration of healthy skin cells. It helps remove all the dead skin cells, making way for the new cells. Regular application of organic raw unrefined Shea butter thus gives plumper skin that’s radiant as ever.

Antifungal and Antibacterial

Acne, the most common skincare concern, is the result of acne-causing bacteria. Shea butter has the power to kill all these bacteria and give you acne-free skin! Moreover, it can also help lighten the acne scars, giving you spotless skin that glows!

Benefits of Shea Butter for hair

Help Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is of many types. But the one caused by the dry scalp can easily get treated with Shea Butter. It will help maintain moisture in the scalp removing the dryness patches and dandruff eventually.

Controls Frizz

The moisturizing properties of Shea can help reduce the frizz of hair. Moreover, splint ends and damaged hair can also find a solution with this magical ingredient. You can choose to mix some in carrier oil and use it before every wash.

There are countless benefits of organic raw unrefined Shea butter. Other than the benefits listed above, it helps soothe muscle soreness, congestions, and more. Buy the purest form to ripe the maximum benefits.