What makes our customers succeed or fail the most?

We can all learn a lot from people who are doing the same work that we do.

Here is what our customers have said when we asked them the following two questions.
1. What was the most important thing you did to become successful?
2. What did you do (or not do) that made growing your business harder?

1. The #1 answer to what made you successful was perseverance.

We all overestimate what we can do in a short time. We also underestimate what we can achieve in a longer time. 

To succeed will probably take you longer than you expect when you begin. Being truly determined; and pressing on 

when they didn't always feel like it; is the main thing that our customers say helped them to succeed.


When we asked a group of people who had asked for our catalog how committed they were to succeeding in their business, 

almost everyone said that they were extremely committed. I am sure that people were being sincere; and that they really wanted 

to have a successful business. If we asked how much time they had spent during the last week contacting customers or doing 

something else to grow their business, many of these same people would have spent just a few hours or less
during the entire week working on getting their business off of the ground.


Although you will make a little money right away, you will probably not really succeed without the type of commitment that keeps 

going - even when it is hard. When things aren’t working the way you want them to, you can either quit or keep pushing for your success. 

There are many other people who have succeeded with their businesses. You can do the same thing. When you are starting out though, 

you can know that you will have times when things do not easy; and when you will think about giving up.

2. What makes success harder.

When we asked our customers what they had done (or not done) that had slowed their business down or made it harder for them, the thing 

that people mentioned most was that they did not buy enough products. Customers would come to them to buy something; and they would 

not have it available. You can lose a lot of customers who want their stuff now by not having a reasonable amount of products on hand.


There are hundreds of small shortcuts that can help you get more done more with less time, money, and effort. If you have started your business 

recently though, learn whatever you can from those who have done this already. Be prepared to do whatever it takes (not just what you feel like) 

to get the life that you want for you and your family.


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