What Time of Year will You Sell the Most?


Each year after Christmas I talk with some customers who are discouraged that they did not sell more during these holidays. Today I talked with six different people who told me that this Christmas has been great for them; and that they are selling more than ever. I also talked with one person though who was wanting to quit because she did not sell much at Christmas; and she thought that the rest of the year would be worse. What she needed to know is that December is only the third biggest month of the year for Africa Imports and for other people like her who sell African and Afro-Centric merchandise.

The biggest month of the year is February with Black History month. And the biggest selling category of African products in February is African clothing.

Every year people look for African clothing in February.

Churches across the country celebrate heritage Sunday.
Schools teach African-American heritage and achievements.
The culture is celebrated more on TV, radio, and everywhere people turn.

February is the #1 best month of the year for African products of all kinds. This means you can get more new customers faster and easier now. February is a bigger month than December for almost all of our wholesale customers. Africa Imports sales double from December to February.

Usually people don’t sell much because they didn’t prepare enough ahead of time. If you don’t help people to remember you when they could need something that you offer, they will think of someplace else and go there instead. This is why some people have slower Christmas seasons than they wanted. It is because they didn’t spend enough time keeping up with their customers in the fall.

If you don’t begin now (before February starts), you will miss most of the extra business and income. People need to know what you can offer them. It takes time to get the word out. If you start letting people know what you have now, they will remember you once they are ready.

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