Adding Your Fragrance to Your Black Soap Paste

4.5 lbs. Black Soap Paste

ONE of the following fragrance options:
1.7 oz. Fragrance Oil OR
0.7 oz. Essential Oil

Mix the fragrance oil into the soap paste until evenly mixed. After mixing if the fragrance is not
as strong as you would like then you can add up to an additional 4 oz. of fragrance oil if using
fragrance oils or 0.7 oz. of essential oils if using essential oils. Keep in mind that higher levels
of fragrance might be irritating to some peoples skin.
Note: this recipe is best suited to being mixed with a stand mixer. If you do not have a stand
mixer you can use a drill mixer or mix by hand using a strong spoon. You may add a small
amount of water to the mix if the soap is too stiff and unworkable. If adding water try adding a
tablespoon at a time until the paste becomes more workable.
(Batch yield approximately 9 8 oz. deli containers)


Black Soap Paste
M-S494 1 gallon bucket (a little less than 8 lbs)
M-S495 5 gallon bucket (about 45 lbs)

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Picture of West African Black Soap Paste: 16 oz.

West African Black Soap Paste: 16 Oz M-S493


Picture of Black Soap Gel - 8 oz.

Black Soap Gel - 8 Oz